A New Responsible Power China? China’s Public Diplomacy for Global Public Goods

It is understood that only through global cooperation can we effectively combat global challenges such as climate change and security. Emerging economies, like China, play a crucial role in this endeavor.

While we outspokenly share a common interest in countering shared threats or at least mitigating negative effects of global challenges, many obstacles to cooperation between China and Europe remain. Not only do different levels of development infringe on ambitious and binding shared climate targets, but different mindsets and intercultural misunderstandings also impact on the level of cooperation.

With its economic growth, and along with a change in self-perception, China was expected to take on more responsibility in global governance. This anthology takes a closer look into how China redefines its role in the governance of different Global Public Goods (GPGs) and elaborates on possible joint global goals and the impact of differences in cultural perceptions, especially between China and the EU.

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