Anti-War marches 2003

Historical anti-war protest in London: 15 February 2003

Two million protested against war in Iraq in London on February 15, 2003, amid global demonstrations comprising the biggest protest event in world history. As Channel 4 News reported, the war was “historically unpopular” and the “mother of all focus groups” had descended on London to bring that fact home to Tony Blair.

Pre-war Demonstrations of 15th February 2003 (C)

15.2.03 Rome WS Piazza Venezia full of demonstrators with banners WS Piazza San Giovanni WS crowd waving balloons and flags Bin Laden / Bush banner CU flag waving 15.2.03 Istanbul, Turkey VS Kurdish protesters and police clashing WS Kurdish flags grouped in protest VS Turkish protesters VS police running along

Feb 15, 2003 Anti-war March

Students from DePaul travel to New York City to demonstrate against the impending war against Iraq. Peace!


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