Which countries are considered to be most active in Publomacy?

There are many Indexes anyone can use to find the elite countries in Publomacy :

  • Elcano Global Presence Index: is an annual measurement of the projection in the world of 100 countries based on three dimensions. (Economy, Military and Soft power) which can be aspirated from Joseph Nye (Smart power).
  • The Portland index (The Soft Power 30): Another inspired index of Joseph Nye Soft power triangular model of (Economy, Military and Soft power), concentrating only on the top 30 of elite soft power states.
  • The Best Country: Like all above but with more incites and details, The best country can provide even deeper information and statistics about each country’s Soft Power elements and its position to others. 

The good Country index Elcano Global Presence Index  The Portland index 
Best Country Ranking

Now my opinion of which country I see it worked more to advance its Publomacy:


Russia is moving faster than ever in advancing it’s Publomacy approach, Numbers are showing an exciting shift toward Russia, according to Portland Index ( the Soft Power 30)

  • Second: Russia WAR ON TERROR is wining: since it’s first interference in Syria, Russia faced a western denied, hostility and accusation of war crimes, BUT, after the first ISIS bloody attacks started to spread over Europe, things got changed .
  • Third: Got Potentials : FIFA 2018, War on ISIS, American Dispatching from world and of course …Trump! . 

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